AMD is making laptop CPU model numbers simultaneously less and more confusing

Enlarge / AMD’s new naming scheme for Ryzen 7000 laptop CPUs, broken down. OMG Even for someone who pays a lot of attention to them, processor model numbers can be hard to parse. Ideally, each model number would communicate information about the chip’s underlying technology and capabilities, making it easy to quickly tell the difference … Read more

A Recent Chinese Hack Is a Wake-up Call for the Security of the World’s Software Supply Chain – The Diplomat

Advertisement No one knows, not even the ghosts (人不知,鬼不觉)-Chinese idiom It’s perhaps just a coincidence that there’s a famous Chinese saying that neatly summarizes a recent hack on MiMi, a Chinese messaging app. According to recent reports, a Chinese state-backed hacking group inserted malicious code into this messaging app, essentially pulling off the equivalent of … Read more

Play Store on Wear OS

Google has laid out some of what Android fans can expect from the September 2022 Google Play system updates, including improvements to Kids Space on tablets. Update: This latest set of updates also includes new features for Google Wallet and a redesign for the Play Store on Wear OS. A significant portion of what makes … Read more

Disney Dreamlight’s Scrooge McDuck Is Awful Next To Tom Nook

screenshot: Gameloft / Kotaku Maybe you’ve rolled your eyes at the modern interpretation of Tom Nook, Animal Crossing‘s capitalist overlord. You know, the one where people try to say that it’s totally OK that he’s saddling you with crushing debt and perpetual house upgrades you don’t want, all while hand-waving away the fact that he … Read more

Scientific Systems Company Conducts First Publicized Demonstrations of Dockerized Space Mission Software on Orbiting Satellite – Parabolic Arc

WOBURN, Mass., Sept. 7, 2022 (SSCI PR) — Scientific Systems Company, Inc. (SSCI), an industry leader and pioneer in autonomous systems, has conducted demonstrations of packing, deploying, and running on-orbit software applications in Docker containers. The demo was executed for the Space Development Agency (SDA) using SSCI’s Prototype On-Orbit Experimental Testbed (POET) on the Loft … Read more