Moonbreaker Mixes Exciting Hearthstone Strategy With Chilled Warhammer Painting

The worlds of tabletop games and video games have often overlapped. Here at Gamescom 2022 there are three different Warhammer games, and over the years we’ve seen the likes of D&D, Pathfinder and more adapted into a variety of video game forms. But Moonbreaker, from Subnautica developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment, is unlike any tabletop-inspired video … Read more

SLS ready for long-delayed first launch

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. — A launch vehicle in development for more than a decade is now less than a day from attempting to lift off for the first time on the Artemis 1 mission. At an Aug. 28 briefing, agency officials said launch preparations remained on track for liftoff of the Space Launch System, … Read more

Samsung files patent application for a dual-screen phone

The patent application filed by Samsung with the World Intellectual Property Office, also known as WIPO, (via SamMobile) might give us a clue about what direction Samsung might take with a dual-screen phone. The patent application is for a smartphone that features a transparent second display on the back. The rear display, when turned off, … Read more

What is the best mobile flight sim?

The intense world of Microsoft Flight Sim arrive awoke the world to the beauty of simulated flying, but not all of us have a killer PC to fly planes. For mobile gamers, we found the best flight simulator Android has to offer. This means you can sound the world anywhere you want! Yes, even on … Read more