Mobile Device Manufacturing Boosts Egypt Growth

Egypt’s manufacturing sector is not known for its high degree of specialization in electronics, and like many others, the country has traditionally relied heavily on imports for its technology. In a recent interview with PYMNTS, Dr. Tamer El-Hussainy, CEO of Egyptian payments company Damen, highlighted how ongoing supply chain issues were affecting the sourcing of … Read more

Apple and Meta headsets could face a big challenge: Sticker shock

Apple and Facebook parent Meta are expected to release mixed reality headsets in the coming year that could finally fulfill the industry’s promise to turn head-worn devices into the next big shift in personal computing. But there’s one major potential snag: sticker shock. The best-selling virtual reality headset, the Meta Quest 2, retails for $400 … Read more

Google Stadia Fans Clocking Thousands Of Hours On Dead Service

Image: Google / Kotaku / Zoa.Arts (shutterstock) Google Stadia hasn’t really been in the mainstream spotlight since its high-profile launch in 2019. And outside of bad news and poor reviews, it mainly disappeared from most gaming sites and YouTube channels. But the players who’ve invested hundreds or even thousands of hours into Google’s video game … Read more

Fixed Wireless on the Rise

“You can see from the current broadband trends that the demand for fixed wireless is extremely high and growing,” Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg said. Telco and cable company earnings continue to present a mixed bag of wireless growth and wireline decline. AT&T, Comcast, T-Mobile and Verizon have unveiled their first quarter earnings in the last … Read more

Microsoft shuts down accounts linked to Russian spies • The Register

Microsoft said it disabled accounts used by Russian-linked Seaborgium troupe to phish and steal credentials from its customers as part of the cybercrime gang’s illicit spying and data-stealing activities. This included using email, OneDrive and other Microsoft cloud services accounts, as well as phony LinkedIn profiles that the criminals used to scope out employees who … Read more