Best battery cases for iPhone 13 Pro 2022

While the iPhone 13 Pro does have excellent battery life, sometimes having extra juice on hand is necessary. If you get one of the best battery cases, you’ll be able to extend the power-on time of your iPhone by hours. It’s convenient if you’re away from an outlet while traveling and can give you peace … Read more

Why now is a great time to buy

Robert Triggs / Android Authority Okay, so the OnePlus 10 series has been a bit of a disappointment for old fans and newcomers alike. Even the latest OnePlus 10T hasn’t shaken off what has been a bit of a dud year for the once plucky underdog. But don’t despair; there’s never been a better time … Read more

2022: Bhargavi Govardhanam ’23 launches diabetes management app on Google Play Store

Bhargavi Govardhanam is a Master’s of Computer Sciences student from Hyderabad, India. Android users can now use the new mobile app to monitor glucose levels, exercise, carbohydrate intake, and medication record, thanks to UMass Dartmouth Master’s in Computer Science student. Bhargavi Govardhanam ’23 recently published DiaFriendassisting Assistant Professor Peeranuch LeSeure‘s research project, “The Development of … Read more

Saturday Highlights – Big Brother Network

Veto Day kept the house busy for Big Brother 24 as one of the Leftovers started to splinter even farther apart while trying to churn up support on the other side to shift the game. But would the HOH and allies fall for the trick? Read on to find out who threw the Veto comp … Read more

TikToker’s Theft Recovery iPhone Hack Sparks Debate

TikToker’s viral theft-recovery iPhone hack sparked debate in the comments about whether knowing the location of a stolen device is helpful if there’s no way to retrieve it. The creator, Katrina Audrey (@katrinaforeal), shared her own iPhone theft story and users through a step-by-step process of how to find your iPhone’s location, even if the … Read more

Consultants, software developers in Ukraine find ways to grow

Consultants and software developers in Ukraine have continued to grow despite the war, now in its fifth month, and the resulting mass movement of thousands of IT professionals. Ukraine had become a software outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe in recent years, as enterprises looked for ways to address the IT talent shortage. Russia’s February 24 … Read more