Security Lessons From The T-Mobile Hack

T-Mobile, one of the most popular mobile phone service providers in the US, was the victim of a … [+] major data leak. Getty Images The National Cyber ​​Security Alliance found that 60 percent of companies are unable to keep their businesses open six months after a cyber-attack. It should be obvious by now that … Read more

Thousands of Mobile Apps Leaking Twitter API Keys

Thousands of mobile apps are leaking Twitter API keys — some of which give adversaries a way to access or take over the Twitter accounts of users of these applications and assemble a bot army for spreading disinformation, spam, and malware via the social media platform. Researchers from India-based CloudSEK said they had identified a … Read more

Kim Kardashian shows off TINY thighs during grueling workout in gym of her $60M mansion amid concerns she’s ‘too skinny’

KIM Kardashian has shown off her TINY thighs during a grueling workout in the shiny gym of her $60M mansion. Given her drastic 21-lbs weight loss recently, some fans have expressed concern that the star is “too skinny.” 5 Kim Kardashian hit the home gym in her $60M mansion for an ‘early morning’ leg workoutCredit: … Read more

7 Best AI Software Development Tools (2022)

Software application is one of the most routine activities spread across organizations, and its use has only increased over the years. The development of software is a complex and difficult task, with the process requiring ideation, product definition, coding, strategic designing, quality assessment, and more. If there are any mistakes made during these steps, it … Read more