14-year-old iPhone fan drops his brand new iPhone 11 Pro – but all is not as it seems | London Evening Standard

The pictures of people lining up outside the Apple Store to be one of the first to purchase the shiny new iPhone are prevalent every September when iPhone Day rolls around.

So what would you do if someone outside the store said they had bought a new iPhone and it was all yours, if you can catch it?

“I came here today to see the new Apple store, with the expectation of just taking pictures, honestly,” said Michael Burkhardt, 14 who had permission from his school to visit the store opening this morning.

“Someone walked up to me to ask if I was going to get the new iPhone, which I wanted but I wouldn’t have been able to get it because I’m 14 and it’s out of my price range. I was blown away when they said they had queued up to get a phone to give away, and that they were going to give it to me.”

“When it landed on the floor it seemed like it had cracked, just like the phone I already have!”

But the phone wasn’t cracked. The co-founders of protection iPhone case start-up Mous, James Griffith and Lucy Hutchinson, had a placed Mous’s new Limitless 3.0 case around the new iPhone 11 Pro, complete with a cracked screen protector before throwing the phone to Burkhardt.

Luckily, he took it all in good humour.

Michael Burkhardt with two of Mous’s co-founders, James Griffith and Lucy Hutchinson / mous

“It was a rollercoaster of emotions, and I can’t believe that I’ve got this pristine iPhone 11 Pro as well as Mous’ Limitless 3.0 case, which has already shown how protective it is! I’d already seen Mous’ videos, so it was cool to meet them in person and be part of their filming, too,” he added.

The London start-up is known for its crazy stunts it pulls off on iPhone Day, from throwing around new devices in the street outside the store, to flying to Sydney and chucking the phone down the Sydney Opera House steps – all enclosed in a Mous phone case of course.

The new Mous iPhone 11 cases outside the Apple Fifth Avenue store in New York / mous

The founders use it as a way to showcase just how good Mous’s protective designs are, as well as having a little fun with it.

“From day one we’ve wanted to show people that our products work, which is why we’ve drop tested and filmed everything so people can see for themselves. We’re an imaginative brand and will keep looking for new inventive ways to demonstrate our products and get the general public involved so they can be a part of our story and feel connected to the Mous brand,” Hutchinson told the standard.

They chose New York as the location of this year’s stunt as Apple opened its new store on Fifth Avenue today in combined with the iPhone launch. As you can imagine, it’s always a bit nerve-wracking to see how well the cases will fit the new devices because they don’t get their hands on one until everybody else does.

There are some new features in Mous’s new iPhone range. As well as the new Contour range, the best-selling Limiteless 3.0 series now includes a magnetic mounting system, named AutoAlign Plus. This means you can add accessories such as a card wallet to the back of the case, or use the wall mount, as well as charge the phone wirelessly without removing the case, all thanks to the magnets. As well, despite the protective nature of the cases, they’re not bulky in the slightest – adding only 2.1mm overall to the iPhone 11 size.

The Limitless and Contour cases include a new microfibre layer inside to prevent any grit getting between the case and the phone which could potentially scratch that beautiful glass back.

That new camera design also posed challenges: “We had to re-engineer the cases because of the larger camera cut-out for the iPhone 11 ranges, too: we’ve been able to offer even more protection, despite having less of the case surface area as a shield against impacts,” added Hutchinson.

Thankfully, the cases worked when necessary and Burkhardt was able to take home his brand new iPhone, safely protected of course.



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