10 best tips to get the most out of Google Assistant

Announced in May 2016, Google Assistant has evolved from answering basic questions to booking restaurant reservations, reading articles, giving a helping hand during long customer support calls, and more. Google’s answer to Siri is no longer limited to setting the alarm, creating a reminder, or calling your friends. Here are the best tips to get the most out of Google Assistant on the top flagship and budget Android phones.


Google Assistant comes built-in on all Android phones and tablets. iPhone and iPad users can download it from the App Store. It also comes preinstalled on Wear OS smartwatches, Android TV, and the top smart speakers. If you’re new to Google’s smart virtual assistant, read our dedicated Google Assistant explainer.

Since Google Assistant works best on an Android phone, we keep this post focused on it.

1. Add multiple languages

You don’t need to switch back and forth between languages ​​with Google Assistant. It understands two languages ​​simultaneously. Here’s how to set it up.

  1. Launch Google Assistant by long-pressing the power button or saying the “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” voice command.
  2. tap your circular account picture to open Google Assistant settings.
  3. Select languages.

  4. Tap Add a language and pick one of your preferred languages.

This is a beta feature. Your assistant is still learning how to use two languages ​​together. Google says the feature gets better over time.

2. Use your favorite apps with Google Assistant

Popular third-party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Outlook, and others have added Google Assistant support to complete tasks with voice commands. Let’s check some examples.

  • Hey Google, open my Twitter notifications.
  • Hey Google, show my friend’s birthday on Facebook.
  • Hey Google, show my status on WhatsApp.
  • Ok Google, add a WhatsApp photo.
  • Ok Google, my Instagram profile.
  • Hey Google, view screenshots.

You can check a list of all app shortcuts from Google Assistant settings.

  1. head to Google Assistant settings (refer to the steps above).
  2. Expand View all settings and open the Shortcuts menu.

  3. Check all shortcuts for your apps.

3. Read an article loud

If you’re driving or stuck in a crowded place, summon Google Assistant to read articles.

  1. Open an article in your preferred browser.
  2. Enable Google Assistant using the power button or voice command and say “Read.”
  3. Google Assistant opens the article in reading mode with playback controls.

  4. You can jump to a specific section, skip paragraphs, and tweak the playback speed.

After a tiring day, lay back, relax, and ask Google Assistant to read articles for you.

4. Book a reservation at a restaurant

Google Assistant comes in handy when you want to book a table at a nearby restaurant. You can say, “Ok Google, book a table at [restaurant name],” and share more details like the number of people, date, time, and more when prompted. Complete the on-screen instructions and tap confirm to complete the reservation.

5. Set Routines

Google Assistant supports Routines to execute multiple actions with one command. For example, you can say “Google Morning” and set Google Assistant to inform you about the weather, calendar, today’s reminders, birthdays, and office routes.

Similarly, you can say the “Bedtime” command to enable Do Not Disturb, set alarms, play sleep sounds, and more. The possibilities are endless. Check our best Google Assistant Routines to stay productive.

We also have a dedicated post on setting up and using Google Assistant Routines. Check it out to learn more in detail.

6. Enable continued conversations

Once you enable continued conversations on Google Assistant, you don’t need to use the “Hey Google” command for every query. The system reopens the microphone briefly after every response and listens for the follow-up question. It leads to a natural conversation with Google Assistant.

  1. launch Google Assistant settings (check the steps above).
  2. Scroll to Continued Conversation.
  3. Enable the function for your device.

7. Use Google Assistant on the lock screen

Google Assistant is ready to serve on the lock screen. To get personal results, such as your contacts and messages, say “Ok Google” so that the Assistant recognizes your voice.

  1. Go to Google Assistant settings (refer to the steps above).
  2. Scroll to lock screen.
  3. Enable the Assistant responses on lock screen toggle.

8. Play music on your favorite streaming service

Google Assistant uses YouTube Music to play your favorite tunes and playlists. You can change the default music streaming service from YouTube Music to Spotify or Apple Music using the steps below.

  1. open Google Assistant settings (check the steps above).
  2. Select Music.
  3. Connect your preferred streaming service and set it as default.

9. Broadcast a message on compatible smart speakers

You can use Google Assistant to broadcast messages if you have a compatible smart speaker.

  • Hey Google, announce I’m home.
  • Ok Google, tell everyone to get ready in 20 minutes.
  • Hey Google, tell everyone to come down for lunch.

You can check our dedicated post to learn requirements and other details about broadcasting messages on Google Nest.

10. Find your phone

Did you misplace your phone? You can use another phone or a Google Assistant-compatible smart speaker (which is connected to your account) and use the “Hey Google, find my phone” command to ring the phone.

Google Assistant finds all your connected devices and waits for your confirmation to ring the lost phone.

Use Google Assistant like a pro

Google Assistant is also available on the Google Nest line of products. If you recently purchased a new Nest device, read our post to learn the best helpful Google Assistant commands for your new device.

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